The word “summer” brings with it a feeling of uneasiness. With almost all parts of India witnessing unbearable hot weather conditions, you can now keep aside traditional heavy jewellery sets worn during traditional celebrations. It’s time you gave your collection of neckpieces a makeover.

Brace for the latest gold pendants designs as they are light and easy to carry. Also, you can mix and match these simple yet elegant designs with different summer outfits.

5 designs of gold pendants to wear in summer:

Pendants with religious symbols

Parting with your heavy necklace that bears a religious significance can be painful. You can make up for it with a gold locket bearing a religious symbol. You can get these pendants for almost all religions.

Also, they have been in trend for quite some time now. So, what can be a better option than this one which blends in with almost all types of attires? They are also available with cool designs to suit emerging trends.

Star-shaped gold pendant

A star-shaped gold locket gives a chic and modern appeal. With models in many latest fashion shows sporting this pendant design, it is the hot trend this season.

The simplicity of this design also makes it wearable during formal events. Put it in an intricate and elegantly designed chain and pair with a white blouse having pumped sleeves and a beige A-line skirt. Your colleagues won’t stop gushing about your new look.

Gold pendant embellished with precious stones

An artistic combination of gold and precious stones has always created an adorable appearance. This combination has also been present in ancient jewellery designs. With new age jewellery trends permeating the oldest ones, the fashion world has seen a neo-classic evolution.

Gold pendants designs embellished with precious stones have been the most impactful designs to follow. With their small size, they are also easy to carry, thus, making them the go-to choice for summer wear.

Pendant design with diamond as a centre-piece

Gold and diamond is another combination that takes fashion a notch above. It also lends elegance to the look you plan to carry. As sophisticated as they are, diamonds never go out of trend. Making them the centrepiece of a gold pendant only enhances their appeal.

Furthermore, wearing them during summer only helps you blend in with the season’s brightness. You can also wear them with all types of summer outfits.

Pendants in designer styles

While all of the pendants designs mentioned above are lovable and charming, the designer ones lend an unmatched appeal.

Today, you can find many of the designer pendants in gold with intricate carvings. They are also available in different shapes and sizes. Pairing them up with simple gold chains will make them the statement pieces for your evening outfits with friends or dinner dates.

Wearing necklaces with simple yet elegant gold pendants designs add a touch of sophistication to the outlook. You can also choose from other designs for a calming down effect. You can go for gold lockets in floral motifs, rose gold pendants with ruby studding, etc. Make your choice and let the diva in you shine this summer.


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