Cool Makeup Ideas

Girls tend to put a load of energy and precision into doing their makeover during most of the mornings. But have you ever wondered why a girl wear makeup? In addition, contrary to popular myth among most of the boys, girls don’t wear makeup just to impress some random boys on the street. They do it for exclusively themselves. When a girl wears makeup that suits her best, she looks more confident, smarter. And a professional woman looks more professional, fashionable and readier for their day with the makeup on. That’s why most of the girl tends to wear a makeup every day, even a minimal one.

The goal of wearing a daily-makeup should be to look more natural as well as simple. Beauty experts suggest taking less time to wear instead of pouring some heavy makeup on the face spending countless hours in front of the mirror. Because people got so busier these days, they don’t have all day to spend on their makeup. Going out into the world without a makeup on is not an option at all for them either. So, they need quick yet effective makeup plans. And here’s I have come in.

Things to Consider Before Choosing A Makeup

Your Skin’s Under Tone


If you want your colors matched perfectly with your body tone, then you should know what your undertone is. Generally, there are three types of undertones:

  • Warm
  • Cool
  • Neutral
  • If you are of warm undertones, your skin will lean yellow, peachy or golden.

If you have cool undertones, your skin will lean blue, pink, or red. In the case you have neutral undertones, your skin will have some combination of these colors.

Since these are undertones, they are so tougher to distinguish than the overall tone of your skin. So, we have come up with an idea to help you determine your undertones perfectly. Ask yourself the following questions and the answer will shape up your actual undertones.

Your Veins Color

Check on the inside of your wrists. Do your veins look green or blue? Your undertone is cool if they look blue. If green, then your undertone is warm. When it looks neither of these then possibly your undertone is neutral.

The Color of Your Eye and Hair

Which color to go - Gold or Silver

If your eyes are blue, grey, or green along with blonde, brown, or black hair, you are most likely a cool-toned person. On the other hand, if you have brown, amber, or hazel eyes with strawberry blonde, Auburn, or black hair that has gold tones, you are likely to be warm-toned.

Here’s a handy tip for you. If you want to dye your hair with the color that has the name with the word “mahogany” or “golden”, it’s a warm-toned color. If the name contains the word “platinum” or “ash”, it’s a cool-toned color.

Which color to go – Gold or Silver

Which color to go - Gold or Silver

You have probably noticed that you look better in Gold (or Silver). Depending on this jewelry, your undertone can be defined! If gold can make your appearance better, then maybe you’re warm-toned. If silver, then cool-toned. Well, do you think you look evenly good or can’t decide? Then probably you are neutral.

Best Makeup Ideas Based on the Season


For Summer

Turn the humid and warm weather into your makeover benefit. To help you do this, I tried to discuss some of the best trendings briefly that can make you sexier yet cuter. The more it will melt, the more beautifully dramatic you will get.

Get on a melty stain

Let me tell you an easier way to create the smooth and softly stained look. Suck on a popsicle for 20 mins. Stain a red lip color over your mouth focused on the center of your lips. Then softly drop and blend the color in and over the corners of your lips. The stain will stay on your face for a few hours. So, the time of being annoyed by sweating on makeup is over!

Foggy and misty eyeliner

Maybe, it’s been ages since the last time you rimmed your eyes with a black eyeliner. Probably, when you’re in high school, but you will be surprised to know that goth-type look is back again and now very trendy for your summer. The wetter your face will get, the more the lining will blemish around your eye-lash lines. This will transform your expression from precise to hazy by the end of your day.

Bronze-Only Blush

Your skin will be active in an everlasting condition of reddish glow during the entire summer. Switch your typical coating of cream blush for a shimmering bronzer to give your skin a warm-dizzy look. After being exposed for just one hour in sunlight—or, maybe even for a minute inside your car with its air-con turned off–the bronzer will start to dissolve into your skin for a naturally wet and shiny finishing on your skin.

For Winter


You can still look hot even when it’s freezing outside!

Bright & Blushing Complexion

Winter has its own way of making your skin appear very much dull, so get going with a hydrating primer (it moisturizes your skin for perfect looking makeup application) to not only increase the lifespan of your makeup, but you will get an immediate pearly glow as a bonus that enhances and plumps your skin like never before!Put the mineral makeup and loose powders away until the summer come in. Go for gilt with moisturizing and enlightening exposure.

Glossy Eyes

The skin on your eyelids and around your eyes is ultra-sensitive and super thin, so dry skin triggered by the winter can even distress your eye-shadow and may result in wrinkling and cracking. Avoid chaotic eye makeup with gel, liquid shade or a soft crayon for high stain and long-lasting and smudge-free makeup. Just don’t forget to mix it well.

Dehydrated & Highlighted Lips

Plump is the most sensitive area on your face for winter. This is the part winter want to mess with most. It got roughened during the winter. So, avoid dry and cracked lips this winter by using a moisturizing lip balm at times and ensure not to lick your lips, otherwise, you will worsen your face!

A Few Sexy and Cool Eye Makeups To Wear


Gold Shadow

The key to making eyes glisten with gold is to choose a shimmery shade and be generous with it. Spread a layer or two of gold over the lids and up beyond the crinkles. You must spot some at the inward corners of your eyes. You may add a liner to the look. A blurry chocolate brown expression will look a lot better than your typical black.

Full Lashes

Do you want to make the effect of giant doe eyes? Do the following:

  • Before coating on the mascara stick on a few clusters of fake eye-lashes
  • Hold each cluster at its base with tweezers
  • Sink the root in glue
  • Slice it into the outward corner of the upper eyelash line
  • Grip it in place for 20 seconds so it stays there for a long time.

Shimmery Brown Shadow

Mix the lids and under the lower lashes together. This hot shade adds just plenty of colors to boost your eyes look. It won’t show people off that you are wearing a makeup. You may use only warm shades—consider anything in the caramel, toffee or tobacco families. Brush the color over your eyelids and up above the creases of the eyes.

Some Common Makeup Ideas

Being ready for this Halloween

Many of us spend money on an expensive costume that we will wear just once. We can wear a lot cheaper yet brilliant fun-makeup for the Halloween party. For this, I have come up with a few cool styles below. You can effortlessly refashion with items you probably already have in your makeup box. You can try any of these for this Halloween that will make you stand out at the party crowd.

Wonder Woman Makeup

Wonder woman has got an incredible success at the box office. This classic costume will be even more of a mainstay for many years to come. Just draw the headpiece of Wonder Woman on your forehead with little golden stain and an eyeliner.

Fairy Makeup

The makeup for this shiny look might be a bit complicated. When you will reshape your hair as like as Tinker Bell, you will have some bonus time. Just get some false eyelashes and tinsel your face on a side of your forehead. Finish it off with some star.

Leopard Makeup

If you are not willing to cover your face in some heavy costume makeup, you can try this. Draw a number of leopard spots vertically on the sides of your face and neck with eyeliner instead. Add a few mustaches and a nose, and everyone will know precisely what you are trying to appear.

Mermaid Makeup

Want to get a look like a mermaid? Draw some fish scales on your side of the face with a great color with an eyeliner. It will help you represent yourself like the Disney princess Ariel.

Vampire Makeup

This could be the most appropriate makeover for Halloween! It’s time to get your foundation shade into work for this skinny vampire look. And draw a big blood drop next to your lips. The more you look pale, the more real your bloodthirsty vampire makeup will seem.



It’s superfluous to say that a girl’s beauty doesn’t depend on wearing makeup. And other women wear makeup that doesn’t mean every girl has to wear makeup too. In short wearing makeup or not, both are a girl’s absolutely own choice to make.

Makeup is more likely an art. A girl supposed to feel more artistic when performing a makeup on their own. A girl usually gets more mature and expert selecting the perfect makeup for her as they get older.But initially, they should try different techniques to get the look that suits her best, because there’s nothing to lose. If you get it wrong, then just wash your face off and start over.

Girl, remember the makeup you are wearing is your personal expression. You should focus on to have some fun with your makeup. First and foremost wear your favorite makeup, and wear what makes you feel more comfortable and happy at the end of the day


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