Purchasing a diamond engagement ring from a pawn shop appears to be a crazy idea. Wedding shopping at a pawn shop is a new shopping concept emerging among consumers. The biggest advantage of purchasing diamonds from pawn shops is they come at an incredible price. While the Jewelry Stores near me sell ornaments at an exorbitant price, a pawn shop sells the same product at a half-price! Incredible, right?  

Another advantage is new couples or soon to be couple save a lot of money if they decide to pick their engagement Rings from a pawn shop. However, buying a diamond from pawnshops requires some extra work. Here is a step by step process of purchasing a diamond engagement from a pawn shop for your soon to be fiancé.

Step #1 Take her opinion

The first step and perhaps the most important one is to make sure that your fiance is ok with the diamond ring of a pawnshop. It is because many people believe that pawn shops sell used jewelry. They also believe that jewelry in pawn shops are not real product. So, who knows that your fiancé has the same wrong ideas regarding products of pawn shops?

The good idea is to take your fiancé to a pawnshop and take her opinion regarding what she thinks about the ring you intend to buy? If she is ok with the ring, go ahead and purchase it without making any delay.

Step # 2  Features of the ring

Diamond rings vary from one ring to another in terms of features like size, shape, color, and clarity. So, before going to a pawn shop, make sure what will be the features of your diamond wedding ring? 

Step #3 Purchase or mange a loupe

Do not forget to take a loupe before going to a pawn shop. I assume you are not familiar with loupes.  Loupes are magnifying glasses that jewelers use to examine jewelry. Many jewelers dangle the jewelry inspecting tool around their neck.

While going to a pawn shop, you will also dangle one such tool around your neck. The result will be you will look an expert in jewelry and deterring the trader to deceive you. Another purpose of carrying a loupe to the shop is inspecting your ring with the magnifying glass and make sure the ring has the least amount of inclusions. The presence of too much inclusions in the ring will result less sparkling.

Step #4 Take help from a friend

If you have a friend who is quite knowledgeable regarding diamond ring, request him to go to the shop with you. He will be a good help to find the perfect diamond engagement ring.

Step #5 Look at the price tag of the ring

Pawn Shops sell products at a discount price. One important rule regarding the price of the pawnshop products is the older the price tag, the higher the commission the customer receives. So, when you look at the rings stored in a showcase, examine the condition of the price tag. If the tag is a worn out paper or ink is fading out, it means you will get better discount.

Step #6 Get written statement from the seller

There are some bad practices that are taking place in the diamond industry. One such corrupt practice is selling clear but artificial gems. Take a written statement from the seller that the gem you purchased from him is untreated, genuine, and natural diamond.

Step #7

The last step is to reset the position of the diamond into a new ring design. If you alter the position of the diamond and design, people will not understand that the jewelry is not purchased from a pawn shop. The ring will also look more attractive.The bottom line is that you can trust pawn shops and purchase products, even engagement rings from the shops given the condition that you follow the above seven steps. Good luck!


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