How to Clean an Upflush Toilet

What’s the use of a basement if you’ve to come back upstairs to relieve yourself every few hours? Your basement was not made for this purpose, was it? No matter what you use your basement for, you don’t want to come out of the zone every now and then.

An upflush toilet can be your savior here. But if you don’t keep it clean and well maintained, your days of happiness will soon be over. Here we will show you how to take good care of your upflush toilet.

How to Clean an Upflush Toilet?

An upflush toilet is the focal point in any bathroom. To install this unit, you have to select a place in the basement where a building permit, water supply, and electricity are available.

Installing an upflush or macerating toilet is not so difficult and you don’t need to break the wall or floor. If you have the skill as a plumber, you could do it yourself and save the cost. It is more expensive than other toilet installation but for better use the cost doesn’t matter. Using a macerator, upflush toilets break the solid matter and transfer the waste out of your bathroom through a pump.

There are many reasons for which you would like to keep your toilet clean. One of the facts is to extend its longevity and keep your toilet in good operating order. Another fact is to get rid of bad smell because of bacteria. Follow some rules to clean your toilet and keep your toilet smelling fresh.

  • Turn off the power

The first thing is to switch off the power of your toilet’s macerator. You can turn off the power through a button or switch generally which may found behind your toilet.

  • Start with the macerator

You should look after the macerator very carefully because it is the most essential part of your upflush system. The macerating pump system grinds the unwanted materials into a slurry and discharge it through the pipe. After long periods, mineral deposits could cause problem in the system. Hard water is rich in magnesium and calcium which could build up deposits and damage the pump of your system.

To avoid such problems, you need to clean your upflush toilet once a year. You could use a cleaner which is not corrosive or hard that might help you protect the internal parts. You should use high quality cleaning products and avoid household cleaners containing hydrochloric acid.

Pour two or three cups of the cleaner into a bowl and leave it for some hours. Whatever is hidden inside such as mold, mineral deposits, mildew will break down during this time. Then turn on the power and flush to send the mixture out of your toilet through plumbing. You can flush it again to rinse off the toilet properly. It also cleans the area inside the plumbing.

  • Surface cleaning

You have to clean the outside area of tank and the bowl surfaces. It could cause odor if you’ve left these areas unchecked. However, it’s not only about smelling your toilet fresh but also about having an aesthetic look. You need to rub the surface with a scrubber and disinfectant and apply a little pressure which could easily remove the stains. Behind your toilet, you may find damp and dark places where bacteria live. So, you should not forget to clean between the tank and the bowl, and in every gaps behind the toilet.

  • Baking soda and vinegar as a cleaner

Vinegar and baking soda is not harmful to the plumbing. The mixture of these two elements can be used as a cleaner. Spread the mixture into the toilet and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Scrub with a brush that which could remove the harmful ingredients easily. You need to flush the toilet when your toilet is clean. Repeating this process at least once in a week helps to keep your toilet clean.

What to Remember?

Other chemicals, kettle descalers and bleach should not be used to clean the macerator because they could damage the internal parts and could cause shrinkage. You should use Phosphoric based cleaners which is specially made for upflush toilets and other macerator pumps. You can double flush your toilet after cleaning to remove remaining elements. Another important thing to remember is that do not keep your cleaners overnight on the toilet because it could damage the unit.

General Maintenance Tips

  • The longer the hard water stains stay, the harder to remove the stains.
  • Dark spots, yellowish tinges, and rust are the marks insight the tank which is not possible to remove without regular cleaning
  • The upflush toilet is designed in such a way which could handle human waste as well as tissue paper. Other products can clog the path.
  • Checking the integrity helps detect backups and blockages of the discharge pipe.
  • To avoid leaks, replacement of flush valves is needed.
  • The upflush system doesn’t require tedious and tinkering maintenance.

The upflush toilets don’t give you pain to take enough care of it. it’s not much expensive for you to build it in workshops, basement conversions. It is also beneficial for handicap, disable or sick people. If you are far from the main drain line, you can use it without issue as it is easy to install and maintain.


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