How to fix a broken nail

Are your nails looking a little shabby? Ask yourself, do you bite them often? or do you pick your gel polish off? If you do either of these, don’t! Maybe you work with your hands and they take a thrashing. Or you had acrylics or extended artificial nails on for a long time and recently removed them, and now your nails are poor and peeling. So how do you get over this condition? We did a little study, collected a few tips and presenting at your ease.

How to Fix Your Nails with Tea Bags?


Clip the broken nail as close to the fingertip as possible.

  • Using a crystal file, gently file any snags and smoothen, but ensure to avoid the split itself.
  • Trim a tea bag to the size of a small patch that can cover the break in the nail.
  • Paint the broken nail with an excessive amount of coating with clear polish.
  • While the clear polish is sticky, softly place the trimmed tea bag on the broken part of the nail.
  • Leave it to dry. Then cover the nail with one or two more coats of clear polish again.
  • After the clear polish has dried you can polish with the color of your choice to disguise the appearance of the tea bag.

How to Fix Your Nails With Glue?


Most of the healthcare experts is not a fan of nail glue, even not with Some best nail glues on the market. As most comprise with acrylates, a chemical that usually causes irritation and allergic dermatitis, Acrylates are common culprits of these skin reactions, to such an extent that it was termed as the Contact Allergen of the year in 2012 by The American Contact Dermatitis Society.

But If you really think glue is the only option for you, proceed with carefulness and make sure you are free of allergies. Follow the process:

Before you can start, ensure your hands are well-washed.

  • Lightly press the tube of nail glue until a small drop of glue comes out. Grab this drop with a toothpick and spread it over one side of the broken nail, creating a thin coat of glue.
  • Do not touch the glue with your fingers for any reason.
  • Press the nail into place. Use the tip of the toothpick to ease the broken portion of the nail back into place. Press down on the nail with stable, equal pressure, using the side of the toothpick.
  • Apply pressure for minimum a minute to ensure that the nail stick to the glue accurately.
  • Apply a defending top coat when dry. Once the broken nail seems smooth again, protect it by applying a coat of nail strengthener or protective top coat over the entire nail. Allow the nail dry completely.

How To Get Nail Glue Off?

Get a plastic bowl and fill it halfway to the top with water. Heat it in the microwave until the water is hot. Add acetone nail polish remover into a small bowl and place it inside the large bowl of water.

Dip your nails into the nail polish remover. Place a towel over the top of your hand and the two bowls so the warm of the water don’t go outside. Immerse your nails for five minutes, then remove them from the bowl and gently pat them dry.

Level a nail buffer across the glue, using a rapid back-and-forth motion until it loosens. The nail polish remover and heat will disrupt the bond that held the glue to the nail. Sink a cotton pad in baby oil. Scrub it over the nail using a gentle round gesticulation to remove any remaining residue. The baby oil also soothes and moisturizes the nail to prevent breakage.

How to Make Nail Glue At Home?

  • Add a cup of white glue (can be found in department or craft stores) into a small container.
  • Add half a bottle of clear nail polish.
  • Intercept the edge of a cotton pad. Use the end that is free of the cotton to mix the glue and clear nail polish together. You may apply this to use the glue to your nails. Don’t use the cotton side as it would get pieces of cotton stuck to your nails.
  • Hold your fake nail down over the glue that you put on your original nail for at least one minute so that the homemade glue can set properly. It takes about ten minutes to strengthen fully.

How To Fix Nail Bed Injury?


Nail bed injuries are a kind of sensitive injury, which is the most regular type of hand wound. They can be minor, or they can also be major, meaning can be very much painful, even with your finger movement very limited.

Nail bed injuries can occur when your nails come between two objects or something heavy hit the nail, like a door, slammed the nail, something heavy fell on it or a hammer hit the nail accidentally. Cuts can also cause nail bed injuries, for example, from a knife or a saw. Nail bed injuries are almost at all times curable but in rare cases can cause nail malformations.

Fixing a nail bed injury will vary according to the type of injury. If your injury is severe, your doctor might take an X-ray to check for broken bones. S/he can give you even anesthesia, so your doctor can study your nail more closely and treat your injury without causing you further discomfort.

Nail Repair Kit

You can buy smart nail repair kit online or any local store at very affordable prices, get one and use it when your nails are in trouble.



When you fix your nail via glue, there are some precaution and tips for you. If the glue contracts on the skin, steep a cotton pad in acetone nail polish remover and softly scrub the part with it. Soaking the skin and using a nail buffer is too harsh. If you do not have nail glue, use handy super glue. Any glue containing cyanoacrylate will create the robust tie between your nail and the glue.

Make sure to avoid getting glue straight on your fingers. The methods demonstrated above can easily be used to fix your toenails too.


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