How to get wavy hair

Wavy hair is a popular trend now in the twenty-first century. Many celebrities, models and other fashionable women have curly hairs, which makes them look stunning and mesmerizing. This fashion has been picked up by the millennial, and it is not surprising for you to come across a woman with such wavy hair. The urge of mixing with the society and match up with its fashion has convinced more women to know how to get wavy hair. Moreover,  this phenomenon is responsible for the outburst of this unique fashion.

Wavy Hair: History and its present

Although it’s not still known from where and when this fashion appeared, it is considered to occur during the European Renaissance. During this time, people were trying out new styles and tried to revive the artistic touches in the form of the fashion. Women, in particular, were the core of this Renaissance. From the initial introduction, it had gradually spread to all parts of the world.

It was from the early 1990s when wavy hair gained mass popularity. After Queen Victoria’s reign ended in 1837, women were given more freedom that they even got. This sparked a hunt for fashion, and this was the time when the wavy hair got so popular.

Today, wavy hairs have still retained its popularity. Celebrities, models, speakers, leaders and many other women prefer wavy hairstyle. This gives them a unique and stunning appearance.

Should you really get wavy hair?

Should you really get wavy hair

A flawless and stunning hair is indeed the pride of all women. This is why most women love to personalize their hair according to their preferences. Out of all the hairstyles, the wavy style is the most popular one. Women from all around the world just love the unique appearance of the wavy hair, which is why it has become so popular. Although it’s unique and looks wonderful, is it truly good for your hair? Should you really get wavy hair?

The answer to this question is hard. Except for the looks, waving the hair can have some side effects on your hair. These side effects include:

  • Chronic hair fall
  • Damage to the natural hair texture
  • Split ends
  • Extreme dryness
  • Dandruff
  • Hair thinning
  • Discoloration of hair

Now, it’s up to you if you want to wave your hair!

How to get wavy hair?

Until now, we’ve discussed the history and present of this popular fashion. Now, without further ado, let’s now look into how you can get yourself wavy hair easily and effectively.

Method 1: Using braids and twists

Using braids and twists

This is one of the simplest ways in which you can get wavy hair. You won’t have to give in much effort and will get a perfectly waved hair overnight. Let’s explore how you can do this.

Step 1: Preparing your hair

Before braiding your hair, it is advisable that you shampoo and condition your hair. First, this will clear off the roughness of your hair. Next, you must remove excess water and let it dry. Once dry, divide the hair into sections. However, you must make the sections small to ensure more waves. If you have shorter hair, you can divide the hair into more than two sections to get continuous, smaller waves.

Step 2: Braiding the sections

After dividing the hair, from here on you should braid each section one by one. To begin with use the conventional 3-section braid method to create the braids. In this case, you can either choose French braids, fishtail or twisted rope braids. When you’re done braiding, secure the ends with rubber bands. Similarly, repeat this for all of the sections. If the wet hair is left wet overnight, these braids will create a magnificent wavy hair.

Step 3: Undo the braids

If the wet hair is left to dry overnight, it will dry up by the time you wake up. Next, remove the rubber bands and undo the braiding.

Step 4: Apply hairspray

If your hair is naturally soft and silky, it will tend to lose the waves very easily. To prevent this, you can use a little bit of hairspray onto your hair. As a matter of fact, this will prolong the waves.

Method 2: Using buns

Similar to the braiding, using buns will also give you perfectly wavy patterns without many efforts. You can get the waves overnight or dry your hair up to get wavy hair in a short time!

Step 1: Diving your hair into sections

Start by taking wet, damp hair and dividing them into sections. If you want more waves, you can create more sections.

Step 2: Twist, turn and create the bun!

After you’ve done diving your hair, you should start twisting each section until it is very tight. Pull the twisted section and then create the bun.

Step 3: Fix the bun in place

Using bobby pins fix the buns into place. As a result of using fewer sections, the buns will be larger. In this case, you should use rubber bands to hold the bun in place.

Step 4: Leave the bun until it dries up

After you’ve fixed the buns in place, leave it until the hair dries up. You can do it naturally by leaving it overnight or manually (hairdryers).

Step 5: Undo the buns

Once the buns dry up, you should carefully undo your buns. Remove the bobby pins (or rubber bands) first and let the hair loose. So, this will leave you with perfectly wavy hair naturally.

Step 6: Apply hairspray

If your hair is smooth and silky and just doesn’t retain the waves, you can apply a little bit of hairspray that will prolong the wavy patterns. When using hairspray, always go for the mild ones that do not stick to the hair.

Method 3: Using a curling iron

Using a curling iron

Curling irons are one another easy way of getting perfectly stunning wavy hair. You can get the luscious wavy hair within minutes and almost without any effort whatsoever.

Step 1: Preparing your hair

To get the most out of a curling iron, you should always have damp hair. It is advised that you apply shampoo and conditioning before you use the curling iron. It will reduce the roughness of your hair. Next, apply mousse to the tresses of your hair.

Step 2: Using the iron

Start ironing by wrapping a small portion of your hair around the curling iron. Start from the scalp and then slowly curl your way down. This will create curls in your hair. Once you’re done with curling all of your hair, you should once again curl the hair the other way around. Doing this repeatedly will create the wavy curls that you’ve long wanted.

Step 3: For beachy hair

If you want to get beachy waves with the curling iron, you should take smaller sections of hair. This will let you perfectly align each smaller section of hair to get the desired beachy waves to give you a gorgeous appearance.

Method 4: Using velcro rollers

Velcro rollers are popular tools for all kinds of fashionable hairstyles. These rollers can be used for creating wavy hair as well. Let’s find out how.

Step 1: Washing your hair

Before using the velcro rollers, you should at first wash your hair. Washing your hair will give a smooth texture to your hair and will allow you to have more curls and gentler waves. Before using the velcro rollers, however, you’ll have to remove the extra moisture out of the hair.

Step 2: Divide hair into sections

Now you’ll have to divide your hair into multiple sections. The number of sections you’ll be making will depend on the number of waves you want. If you want smoother waves, opt for fewer sections.

Step 3: Set the velcro rollers

Taking one section, wind the hair with one velcro roller and fix the roller in position. When selecting the sections, be careful not to wind too much hair. This will diminish the roller’s effectiveness and may lead to tangles.

Step 4: Apply hairspray

You can apply hairspray or volumizing sprays to retain the wavy pattern of your hair. When selecting the sprays, always go for the milder ones that do not stick to the hair.

Step 5: Use anti-frizz serum

If you have frizzy hair, you can reduce the frizziness by using anti-frizz serum onto the tresses.

Step 6: Removing the rollers

Once your hair dries up, you can slowly remove the velcro rollers. This will leave you with a beautiful and awe-inspiring wavy hair.

Method 5: Using hair products

If you have soft and silky hair, creating wavy patterns may be quite tricky. To retain the wavy hair, you can use hair products. Confused about which products to use? Let’s find out!

Step 1: Preparing your hair

Before you start waving your hair, you should at first prepare your hair for the process. To do this, you should shampoo and condition your hair. This will clear off the roughness and will add to the shine.

Step 2: Applying mousse and scrunch

If you have messy waves in your hair, you can apply mousse. It will lock the wavy patterns and create a smooth and delicate texture. Add a little bit of crunch to the ends of your hair. Dry up your hair.

Step 3: Applying dry shampoo

To get a gritty wavy look, you should apply a little bit of dry shampoo. By using the dry shampoo as a texturizing spray, you can prolong the waves and make them look even more stunning. Finish by scrunching and finger combing your hair.

Step 4: Apply sea salt spray to get beachy waves

If you want to get beachy waves, you can apply a bit of sea salt spray. To apply sea salt spray, at first you must shampoo and condition your hair. Next, remove the excess water and apply sea salt spray to the damp hair. Next, use a cloth to scrunch your hair. It will help build up texture and volume. Allow your hair to dry up and you’re done!


Wavy hairstyles have been around for the past decade and still thrives in the modern society. It is a very popular hairstyle among women. Celebrities, models, leaders and many other popular women have picked up this trend, which explains its popularity. The increasing urge of matching up with the society and its fashion has convinced many women to know how to get wavy hair. There are multiple ways in which you can achieve this perfect hairstyle. You can try twisting and braiding, buns, curling iron, velcro rollers or hair products to get the wavy patterns.

Although the beauty and magnificence of wavy hair are far too high to be explained, the side effects are often overlooked by its beauty. This is why you should at first consider the side effects before you try waving your hair. Thanks for reading until the end. In short, we hope that it would come in handy!


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