How to use shaving soap

Congratulations on making your choice to use shaving soap! You have made your decision to start shaving in a traditional manly way. You won’t regret your choice if you know how to use shaving soap perfectly. Once you master your skill, you will have the comfort and a high-quality shave at home. There are several products you can choose while considering shaving at home. You can use shaving gel, cream or soap. Do you know what is the best one among these products?

As most men use shaving gel or cream at home, these do not provide comfort to your skin. Most of this lubrication are mostly water products, do not provide many benefits to the skin and irritate skins if used for a prolonged period of time.

A good quality shaving soap provides superior lubrication and also friendly to most types of skin. Using a shaving soap will not be irritating for your skin as long as you use the best shaving soaps. If you find difficulties while choosing the best shaving soap, try using Williams shaving soaps and soaps from Stirling Soap Company. They produce excellent quality shaving soaps which offer amazing shaving experience.

How to Use Shaving Soap?

Here’s a step-by-step guide. If you do not know how to use a shaving soap, take your time to learn the fundamentals first. The fundamentals of traditional shaving begin with how to make lather with your shaving soap.

There are actually two different methods to make lather using a shaving soap which is pretty similar to the use of a shaving cream. One method is to use a shaving bowl or mug to make the lather and apply it to your face and the other method is to make the lather on the face. Choosing a method depends on your personal preferences.

So, without losing more time, let’s dig into how to use shaving soap for a perfect wet shaving experience.

Things You Will Need

Things You Will Need

You do not need a lot of things to wet shave like a pro. Along with a shaving soap, a mug and brush is enough to start the traditional shaving experience. Let’s find out the complete list;

These are the requirement to use a shaving soap effectively. However, do not forget to wet your face with warm water before applying lather on your face. Follow the below-mentioned instructions to learn more about particular types of usage of your shaving soap.

Method 1: Making Lather in the Shaving Bowl or Mug

Method 1 Making Lather in the Shaving Bowl or Mug

Before learning how to use shaving soap and starting the procedure make sure you have prepared your face for shaving. For sensitive skins, take recommended steps first. To prepare your face splash some warm water and make it wet. Here we go now;

Step 1: Soak the Shaving Brush

Step 1 Soak the Shaving Brush

We assume that you have got your shaving bowl or mug. Pour some warm water into it and soak your shaving brush for one to two minutes. You need to make sure your brush is clean and hygienic before using it. Do not soak in a water of the full sink as it might get affected by bacteria and dirt.

Step 2: Empty the Shaving Bowl Leaving a Teaspoon of Water

Step 2 Empty the Shaving Bowl Leaving a Teaspoon of Water

Once you have completed soaking your shaving brush, empty the shaving bowl, leaving only a teaspoon of water in it. You also need to shake off the excess amount of water from your shaving brush. To stop the dripping shake your brush heavily for a couple of times.

Step 3: Soften Your Shaving Soap

Step 3 Soften Your Shaving Soap

Your shaving soap needs some preparation as well. Add a little hot water (not boiling hot) on the top of the shaving soap. It will make your shaving soap softer. However, do not go over a teaspoon of water. You can do it at the same time of soaking your shaving brush.

Step 4: Swirl Your Brush on the Shaving Soap

Step 4 Swirl Your Brush on the Shaving Soap

This is a very important step to make the right amount of lather. Take your wet brush and start to swirl it on top of the shaving soap. Swirl it for 10 to 15 seconds to collect soap with your brush. The more lather you need, the more amount of soap is required. Once you have completed swirling, the time comes to make lather in the shaving bowl.

Step 5: Swirl Your Brush in the Shaving Bowl

Step 5 Swirl Your Brush in the Shaving Bowl

It is now time to take the shaving bowl or mug you used in earlier steps. You kept a teaspoon of water in it, right?

Now start swirling your shaving brush in the bowl. You will see the lather is building up right after you start swirling your brush. Swirl it for a minute or less. At first, there will be bubbly lather, the more you swirl the thicker the lather will become.

Step 6: Make Sure the Lather Is Ready

Step 6 Make Sure the Lather Is Ready

While making lather in the shaving bowl or mug, you might get 3 different results. The first result can be that your lather is perfect. If so, you can start applying the lather evenly on your face. Alternatively, the lather might be too much bubbly. In this case, you need to swirl more until the lather gets the required thickness.

There is another chance to become the lather too thick. In this case, you need to add a few drops of water in it. Be careful while adding water. If you add more than the required amount, you lather will become too watery.

Step 7: Apply Lather on Your Face and Start Shaving

Step 7 Apply Lather on Your Face and Start Shaving

Once you made the lather and confidence that the lather is perfectly thick, you can apply the lather with the shaving brush on the face. Try to apply evenly and cover all the areas you want to shave. In this case, brushing is enough and you do not need swirling.

Method 2: Making Lather on the Face

Method 2 Making Lather on the Face

You have now learned one method about how to use shaving soap. If you have just started wet shaving and wanted to do it more quickly and easily this second method is perfect for you. However, it does not guarantee that you will have the perfect amount of lather to shave more perfectly. This method is more like a quicker version of the previous one and you do not require any shaving bowl or mug while following this method.

Just like before, we are assuming that you have prepared your face by splashing a little warm water on it.

Step 1: Soak Your Shaving Brush

Just like method 1 you need to soak your shaving brush before using it. Use little hot water (not boiled) to do it. Once the soaking is complete, shake off the excess water from the brush. Be careful; do not make your brush dry again.

Step 2: Soften Your Shaving Soap

It is important to soften your shaving soap before you want to make lather with it. To do this, add a few drops or a single teaspoon of warm water on it.

Step 3: Start Swirling With Your Brush

Now that, you have prepared your shaving brush and soap, it is time to make swirls. Grab your shaving brush and swirl it over the soap for 10 to 15 seconds. You do not require adding pressure, just gently move the brush on the soap until your brush get some soap on it.

Step 4: Start Applying the Lather on Your Face

If you have not already prepared your face, do it now. Before applying lather on your face, make sure it is completely wet. Now, start swirling your shaving brush on your face. You will see some lather is building up. Swirl for 30 seconds and you will have perfect thick lather on your face.

Similarly to the previous method, your lather can be very thick or watery. In case it happens, follow the below procedures;

  • Swirl for more time if you found your lather more watery
  • When the lather becomes too thick, add a few drops of water on the tip of your shaving brush and start swirling again

Step 6: Start Shaving

You are done making a lather and applying it to your face. Now you start shaving. However, make sure that you have applied lather all the places you are going to shave. Now enjoy your shaving!

How to Use Arko Shaving Soap Stick?

How to Use Arko Shaving Soap Stick

 For a simpler shaving experience, Arko shaving soap stick is highly suitable one. This Turkish soap stick can be applied to your face without the hustle of making the lather. Of course, you can also put this on your shaving bowl as well. It creates a rich lather and offers a smooth shave that will never dry your face. To use it perfectly follow the below procedure;

  • At first, wet your face by splashing some warm water on it. Make sure your entire face is wet before going to the next procedure.
  • Once you have prepared your face, rub the Arko shaving soap stick on your face. Cover all the places you want to shave.
  • As you start rubbing, you will see some light bubbling and lather started to form.
  • Now take your shaving brush and soak it for 10 to 15 seconds in warm water. Shake off the excessive amount of water from the brush.
  • Take your soaked brush and start swirling it on the face. After 2 to 3 twists lather will start forming on your face.
  • Do the swirling for around 30 seconds and your shaving brush will be filled with lather. Within a few, you will find wonderful thick lather on face.
  • Now you are ready to shave!

These are the easy steps to use your Arko shaving soap stick. If you can use it perfectly, it will save your time and also give your skin a great comfort.

How to Use Shaving Soap without a Shaving Brush?

A good and thick lather made from a shaving soap is highly important to have a comfortable and positive shaving experience. A shaving brush is used by most men to create cushioning and thick lather for shaving. However, if you are interested to know how to use shaving soap without a shaving brush, have a look at these interesting methods.

Using Loofah

Using Loofah

Instead of using a shaving brush you can use a loofah . There are some advantages also if you use this one. Loofah will clear your face and remove all the dead cells from your face.

To use a loofah, at first soak it in a little hot water and swirl it on the shaving soap. Now gently swirl the loofah on your face. Repeat the procedure until you get sufficient lather on your face to make a comfortable shave.

Using Washcloth

Use your Washcloth

Another thing you can use is your washcloth. However, you need to clean it very well before using it for shaving purposes. To use a washcloth, first, make your washcloth wet. Then rub it vigorously on the shaving soap. Now swirl it over your wet face. Do this continuously until the lather is formed. However, keep it in mind that you will be able to produce the only light amount of lather unlike the perfect amount of lather produced by a shaving brush.

Using a Paint Brush

Use a Paint Brush

Paint Brush can be a good alternative for a shaving brush. However, you need to soak the bristles of your paintbrush to make it completely soft. After making it fully soft, rub it on the shaving soap and capture sufficient amount of soap on it. Now, swirl the brush on your face. Swirl it as gently as possible otherwise, the bristles of your paintbrush will hurt your skin. Repeat the procedure to make a good amount of foam.

Now you know how to use shaving soap without a shaving brush. However, a shaving brush is definitely the best tool to make lather with a shaving soap. You can find these techniques handy when you are traveling and you have forgotten to take the shaving brush with you.


Shaving at home is traditional and it provides the joy of freedom to have a perfect and relaxing shave. However, for a better shave, you need to know how to use shaving soap perfectly to make right amount lather on your face.

We believe, reading this article gives you enough insight about how to use shaving foam effectively. If you find any question to ask, please write us back. Happy Shaving!


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