How to wear a bandana for men

Among the fashion accessories for men, the bandana is a standout choice with a classic and timeless vibe in it. You can wear this simple yet versatile item in many ways for adding a stylish look to form of fashion. Though it’s most popular among the bikers and the seafarers, the bandana suits with almost every fashion and every occasion when one wore it in the right way.So, a bandana can always make an excellent addition to your fashion whether you are going out on a date, a formal meeting with a client, a tour with your friends, or a dinner with your spouse. So, let’s see how to wear a bandana for men.

What is a Bandana?

Waht is a Bandana

The word ‘bandana’ has derived from the Sanskrit term ‘badhnati’ which implies the meaning ‘to tie’. This term used to refer to a technique to make tie–dying clothing. The term evolved and became Anglicized as ‘bandannoes’ during the 18th century through the pirates and the seafarers.

A bandana, also known as a kerchief, is a piece of triangular or square cloth that is not smaller than 1 square foot and not bigger than 2 square feet in area. Traditionally, you have to wear bandanas around the neck or on the head for protective or fashion purposes. Nowadays, both men and women wear the bandanas in a variety of ways and styles.

Bandana for Men vs Bandana for Women

Usually, there is not much of a difference between a bandana for men and a bandana for women. Bandanas are mostly unisex. You can wear any kind of bandana you want regardless of your gender. However, men usually have a different preference when it comes about the color and the style. Men usually like to wear the bandanas around their neck, head, and wrist. Sometimes they like to wear bandanas hanging in the waist or even as a pocket square.

Men usually like the classic bandanas. However, there are many other varieties of bandanas for men with a wide range of colors, patterns, fabrics, and sizes available nowadays.

How to Make a Bandana for Men?

There are many trending ways to wear a bandana. Men usually wear bandanas in a few certain ways that are smart and suit the occasions. So, let’s go through all the different procedures to fold, tie, and wear a bandana for men.

Fold a Bandana

How to fold a bandan 1

Knowing how to fold and secure the bandanas is the first step to know how to wear a bandana. Let’s see the different methods of folding a bandana.

Fold s square bandana into a long strip with the following steps:

  • Level out the bandana on the table.
  • Fold the bandana in half to form a triangle.
  • Now, fold the base (the longest part) of the triangle with one and a half inch to two inches (2.5–5 cm) toward the tip (the shortest part) of the triangle.
  • Rumple the folded bandana repeatedly
  • It should look like a narrow rectangle.
  • You can also roll it up using the corner of the bandana.

You can fold a square bandana into a head wrap with the following steps:

  • Level out your bandana on a table.
  • Take the corner of the bandana that is closest to you (the bottom corner).
  • Then, fold the corner up so that the point of that corner passes the center of the bandana.
  • If you have a relatively smaller bandana, the fold should be smaller. With a smaller bandana, you don’t need to make it reach to the center of the bandana for having more fabric to cover your head.

Tie a Bandana

How to tie a Bandana

Knowing how to tie a bandana properly is important for your style with the bandana. The knots of your bandana define your style. Let’s see how to tie a bandana properly:

  • Use the corners of the folded bandana to tie a single knot when you want to wear the bandana around your head or neck.
  • When you are wearing it around your head, tighten the knot as firm as possible to make it secure.
  • When you are wearing around your neck, do not tighten it around your neck. Leave a gap of at least 2 inches to tie up the knot.

Ways to Wear a Bandana for Men

Let’s explore the different ways men can wear a bandana and look stylish and dazzling:

 Wear a Bandana around the Neck

Bandana around neck

Wearing a bandana around the neck is one of the most common and simple ways to wear a bandana. The look of this style suits just about any man in both casual and smart casual occasions.

  • For wearing the bandana around your neck, you should opt for a relatively small bandana.
  • Fold the bandana and then set it around your neck to tie a knot at your front keeping it loose with your neck.
  • Alternatively, you can also knot the bandana at the back of your neck keeping a corner of the bandana loose at the front.
  • Be careful about the color of the bandana. Don’t choose something that does not suit the color of your shirts. Light colors are always safer options.

Wear a Bandana around the Head

Bandana around head

Wearing a bandana around your head gives you a bolder and rock-and-roll superstar’s look. Men who are musicians and have long hairs prefer this look. Many men also wear a bandana as hippie headbands or for many different bandana hairstyles. Bandanas that are specially made for wearing on the head are called Tupac bandana because of the style of the rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur. Let’s see how to wear a bandana on the head:

  • You can also try it for yourself when you are attending a concert or a sports
  • Keep your appearance and style subtle with a neutral color bandana. Black is a natural neutral color for a bandana.
  • You can also go bolder with a vibrant hue.
  • Fold the bandana into a long strip.
  • Take the two sides and tie it around your head.
  • Tighten the knot enough to make it secure.

Wear a Bandana around the Wrist

Bandana around neck

Wearing a bandana around your wrist is not just an alternative to wearing wristbands or wristwatches; it also looks more gorgeous. If you want to add a simple dose of attitude to any kind of outfit you like, bandana around the wrist is a wonderful option.

  • You can choose any design you want but the bandana around your wrists should look messy. So, choose something that has rugged look.
  • You don’t need to fold the bandana in a systematic way to wear around your wrist. So, smaller bandanas are best for wearing around the wrist.
  • Just fold it up as you want and tie it around your wrist.
  • You can place the knot wherever you want. However, most men keep the knot at the front of your wrist.

Hang a Bandana from the Waist

Bandana from waist

It’s a quite unusual use of a bandana. Bandana hanging from the waist can be incorporated into a casual outfit. It’s more of a subtle way to present the bandana as a piece of fashionable cloth.

  • You don’t need a matching color bandana to wear it from your waist.
  • If you want to avoid appearing too bold, you might want to choose a lighter color.
  • You just have to roll up the bandana and then tuck it into a pocket of your pants.
  • Or you can loop tie it in your belt or waistband.

Wear a Bandana as a Pocket Square

Bandana as a

Although the bandana is not usually used as a handkerchief or a pocket square, it can be a good alternative to the pocket square. It’s perfect for both the formal and casual occasions. Let’s see how to wear it as a pocket square:

  • Choose a kind of formal color (not printed) for using a bandana as a pocket square.
  • Fold the bandana into a long strip but with more than 2 inches in
  • Then take two sides of the folded bandana and start folding it up again.
  • Make the fold according to the size of your pocket.
  • Insert the opposite part of the corners of the bandana into your pocket so that the corners are visible from outside.


It is amazing that how a single piece of cloth can be used in a lot of variant ways. The bandana is largely seen as a gender-neutral piece of fashion cloth. So, it can be worn by both men and women. Men with long hair find it very useful and it looks gorgeous on their head. Cool bandanas are a great source of fashion accessories for both men and women. They also work as headbands for men with long hairs. However, it might look odd in different social situations such as a funeral or a formal gathering as it is a symbol of festivity and boundless joy.


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