How to wear a pashmina

Did you know that pashmina is an incredibly versatile and wearable accessory that is practical yet stylish? Wearing a pashmina adds splendor to your style and also provides a softness to your skin. But now you may wonder how to wear a pashmina.

You can wear this versatile and beautiful wrap in many ways during the fall, winter and spring seasons. What most of us simply do is drape our pashmina over our shoulders and while this will certainly make us brilliant looking but there are so many other ways to wear a pashmina.

Here, we have accumulated a rundown of probably the most widely recognized approaches to wear a pashmina so you can attempt another garments extra.

What is a Pashmina?

Before diving into our main discussion why not we learn something more about the pashmina itself? What is a pashmina? Pashmina is terminology that refers to wool, and any product that is a by-product of the wool. It is an indigenous word for cashmere and it has its origin across the Himalayan region. The word originates from pashm, an ancient Persian word that refers any wearable fiber which includes sheep wool, shahtoosh, and cotton.

The Pashmina wool comes from the underbelly of the Chyangra (Capra Hircus) goat which is a domestic breed at the high altitude in the central Asian region, particularly in Mongolia.  People of Kashmir use the wool.

But the region is very volatile regarding war. So, much of the Pashmina product has traveled to other parts in India and in Nepal. Nepal is situated at the lap of Himalayas. Goats of this region are famous for their higher quality (a couple of microns thinner, in general) pashmina(cashmere) fiber which is the main component for manufacturing pashmina in Nepal.

How to wear a pashmina?

You can wear pashmina in mainly three different ways:

  • Wear pashmina as a scarp
  • Around your upper body
  • Around your lower body

Wearing pashmina as a Scarf

You can wear pashmina as a scarf in five different ways. Below are the descriptions of the step:

Wrap your pashmina loosely around your neck

Wrap your pashmina loosely around your neck

Unfold long scarp first. Then, wrap it around your neck once. You can either tighten the loop around your neck or leave it loose and hanging near your chest. You can let the tails hanging in either the front or around your back. The best match wearing this style of scarf would be with a fitted t-shirt and jeans

Tie a knot in your pashmina

Wrap the scarf around your neck in such a way that both the tail ends are hanging in the front. Then tie a knot similar to tying your shoes. You can tighten the knot so that it stays at the base of your throat. You can also let it loose for your comfort and relaxation. During the cold month of December and January, knotting your pashmina will keep your neck warm.

Create a faux-infinity scarf with your pashmina

Create a loop by tying together two ends of your pashmina. You can also make a double knot if your pashmina has a few pieces of fringe. If the fringe is not available, utilize the sides of the square shape to tie two bunches at the two spots where the corners meet. At that point put this extensive circle around your neck so that the bunches lay on the back of your neck. Create a large circular scarf by doubling the loop around your neck and do not leave any ends hanging down.

Tie your pashmina similar to a necktie

Make your pashmina resemble a neck tieFold the scarf over your neck with the goal that two tails remain in the front however not in break even with length. The correct tail would balance somewhat longer than the left tail. Take the correct tail and fold it around and around the left tail, with the goal that it is back on the correct side. Wrap it again finished and under the left tail, when you get to the underside, pull it up through the circle, around your neck and down through the little circle you simply made on the left tail. For this style of pashmina wearing, choose a vibrantly colored or patented pashmina. Wear tie-style pashmina with an asymmetrical skirt or a pair of high-waisted jeans.

Tie your pashmina like a bow

Tie your pashmina into a bowFold your scarf over your neck and tie it in a free bunch like what you do when you tie your shoelaces. Create two half-loops out of tails of the scarf. Cross these to make an X and then wrap one under and between the two loops. At the end of the process, you would get a larger bow, which you can twist and adjust in accordance with your choice.  With style pashmina, Wear a pair of matching chandelier earrings to get graceful, elegant outfit.

Dressing up your upper body

This style of wearing pashmina is primarily referring to covering your head and upper body part. Below some of the common styles

Use your pashmina as a loose headscarf

The below procedure also the same is how to wear a pashmina scarf. To do this, place the middle of the pashmina horizontally flat across the top of your head. Knot the tails at the nape of your neck or make a cross with them. Whatever way you do it, the tails of the pashmina should drape over your shoulders fall forward onto your bust.

Tie a hijab in several ways with Pashmina

Want to refresh your style with hijab? Using your pashmina, you can tie hijab in several ways or styles. Below I have described three easy styles of hijab-wearing:

  • Viscose wrap
  • Chiffon Scarf
  • Jersey wrap
Viscose wrap


First, unfold your pashmina hijab and frame your face the way you want. While doing this, make sure keep one side shorter than the other. Then pin it under your chin to secure.

step 1 viscose style hijab


Secondly, take the shorter side and wrap it backward over your head.

step 2 viscose style hijab


In this step, hold the longer side of your hijab, and bring it to the same direction you took the shorter side previously over your head.

step 3 viscose style hijab


Fourthly, you have to secure the top of your hijab by pinning(use a small safety pin) the layers to each other.

step 4 viscose style hijab


twist the tail end of your hijab a few times, then secure with another small safety pin.

step 5 viscose style hijab

Your finishing look of viscose hijab will be like this

viscose hijab finishing look

Chiffon Scarf


Make an uneven triangle with your square hijab and place it on your head. Then frame around your face the way you like then pin. Like previous viscose wrap, in this case too, while wrapping makes sure keep one side shorter than the other.

step 1 chifon style hijab


Convey the back of your scarf to the front and after that fold over your neck with the more extended side.

step 2 chifon style hijab


Tie the side you folded over your neck with the part you brought from the back, however, don’t utilize the shorter side yet. Make sure to double knot so it remains wrapped around your neck throughout the day.

step 3 chifon style hijab


Now its time to use the shorter side. You can use it as your neck coverage by bringing it over to the other side.

step 4 chifon style hijabThe final look would be like this

chiffon style hijab final look

Jersey wrap


Casing the hijab around your face the manner in which you like. For an agreeable vibe, simply fix around your neck and bring one side over your head.

step 1 jersey style hijab


Next, move one side around and over your head

step 2 jersey style


Now, pull the side that you brought around your head down, then take the remaining side and wrap it around the opposite side.

step 3 jersey style


At this final step, wrap the remaining piece in your shirt.

step 4 Jersey style hijabThe final look would be like this

Wear pashmina as a shawl

Wear your pashmina as a shawlIf you are familiar with a shawl, you may wonder what a shawl is? A shawl is a piece of fabric. Generally, women wear a shawl over the shoulders, or head or wrapped around a baby. You can wear pashmina as a shawl too. To do that, unfold it completely.

Then, wrap it around your back and shoulders in such a way that the ends hang loosely between your arms and your sides. You can secure the scarf by tucking the ends back behind you under your armpits and tie it in a double knot or pin it together in the front with the broach.

Wear a pashmina as a cute cover-up for the beach

Wearing Your Pashmina as a ScarfTo do this, wrap your pashmina around your waist and tie the corners together just a couple of inches above your right or left hip bone.

Styling your lower body with pashmina

Below are several ways, you can wear a pashmina as your lower body garments.

Wear pashmina like a belt

When you are wearing a skirt or dress and want to make noticeable your waist, then wrap a pashmina around your waist and tie it in a knot while leaving the ends hanging loose or wrap it around your waist again and tuck the ends back into the loop.

Wear pashmina like a skirt

Pashmina as skirtYou can use a pashmina as a fun, loose-fitting skirt. Open the pashmina entirely first. Then, hold one end flat to your side and wrap the other around your body until the end meets the first end your holding to your side. After that, tie the two together either with a double-knot or safety pin for security.

Buying tips for pashmina

The most important thing when buying a pashmina is choosing the one that best suits your complexion. Neutral colors can wear people of any complexion. But for a specific choice, spice colors is ideal for people with darker skin tones, while camel, ivories, and beiges would best suit for people with pale skins.


Indian kings and queens wore pashmina as a royal attire. But as the trade was spreading globally during mid-1600, the clothing sneak into the western wardrobe too. Wearing pashmina is now a trendy fashion. There are scores of ways to wear it. In the above article, we have described only a few of them. Now it is time for you to figure out which style of wearing would make you stunning and gorgeous. Try one and enjoy!


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