How to wear leggings

Love leggings. These are a versatile piece of clothing in our closet that is suitable for work or wearing outside. But the thing is not everyone understands how to wear them properly. Now, many people love wearing leggings as part of a layered outfit.

If you wear leggings with a pair of pants rather than a pair of tights under clothing, it may come out in much hardship to pull off a fashionable look. Of course, the choice is yours, what you like.

With this in mind, we are here for you to help in wearing leggings incorrect way. The style throughout the year by matching it with the right shoes and upper tops. Follow the instructions so you can wear your leggings stylishly.

How To Choose The Right Leggings?

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This comfortable clothing is not hard to wear if you know the right way to wear it. Knowing basics is important but if don’t know the correct way, there is much possibility to end up with a camel toe! Also, don’t confuse leggings with pants. Obviously, they are not pants.


This is the most important factor you should ensure. The right size will fit your body. To be specific, leggings which you gonna wear should not be too tight or too loose. The sizes of leggings differ with brands. So if you know about your actual measurement, it will always help. If your size is between M and L, you should take the L – or try both of them first before you buy.


Presently, leggings are available in various lengths. Though it’s a personal choice to what and how you are going to wear with it, choose in a way that the outfit looks putting all together well.


The most common fabrics for leggings are Cotton and lycra. Leather and suede leggings also can be a good fit for you. These leggings are extremely stylish which a good match for stylish outfits.


White, black or off-white leggings were initially available. Later the colored ones came on the market. However, choose your leggings color according to your purpose i.e. where you want to go wearing it. Whether you need a formal or a party outlook, consider the facts.

Facts to consider while wearing leggings for playing

Wearing leggings for playing purpose varies than the outfit you usually do for work. Here some instructions for wearing leggings for play.

Pair leggings with a cute dress

Pair leggings with a cute dress.jpgYou can put on your cotton leggings pairing with a short summer or springy dress matching with the color of the dress. No need of same color the dress and leggings. It is enough if they coordinate well.

For busy designed dress pick solid-colored leggings or you can wear reverse. You can pair a solid-colored dress with patterned leggings. Addition of a solid colored scarf can make you look classier.

Pair leggings with a skirt

Pair leggings with a skirt.jpg

To wear leggings with a skirt, pick a skirt that looks well with it. You should choose the color wisely. The color of leggings and skirt should not have clashed. Wear plain leggings with a Patterned skirt and try to wear patterned leggings with plain skirt.

Pair leggings with shorts

Pair leggings with shorts.jpgYou can even wear leggings with short. It gives causal look with cuteness. Put on a plain-colored pair of leggings with some denim, white, or black shorts, and you’re good to go. Shorts you are about to wear shouldn’t be tight. It shouldn’t blend in with the leggings. Causal shoes with this style also enhance the casual look. Flats, sandals, low boots or sneakers will go well with it. With this style, a long jacket or top and a tight tank top or t-shirt will go fairly well. Keep it simple as a lot to go on your leggings and skirts while playing. If you are gonna wear a simple sweater and boots, try some patterned leggings with it.

Facts to consider while wearing leggings for work

How to wear leggings for work1.jpgWearing outfits with leggings may vary while you are going to the workplace. Here is how to wear legging outfits in the workplace.

Matching with the dress code of your place

At first, you should ensure that your workplace allows you to wear leggings. Match your outfit with your office environment. Check out before buying if you are planning it to wear in the office. Do the other people in your workplace wear leggings or skirts to pair with leggings?  If yes, put on your brand new leggings for going to your workplace.

Wear suede, leather, or even dark denim made leggings. You can also wear a cotton one. Try a variety of leggings to choose from will help you mix and match with your tops that will make fantastic work outfits. Do not wear leggings instead of pants. Leather leggings will make you look unprofessional or even embarrass yourself at the workplace.

Not wearing patterned leggings

Don’t wear pattern leggings in the workplace. It will look totally unprofessional. Try yourself to stick to black or brown or other professional solid color leggings in the workplace.

Black patterned leggings look trashy while funky patterned leggings will be too playful for a work environment. However, tiny polka dots running over the dark material can make you look classier.

Wearing a nice top

Wear a fancy top over your leggings.  This pair will help play up your leggings to make them look more appropriate for work. Here are some suggestions for tops, which you can wear over the leggings:

Pair a tailored jacket over a simple shift dress with your leggings. Try a loose top with a solid-color skirt. The skirt you are wearing shouldn’t fall too high above your knee. This can make you look provocative.

Pairing leggings with a long sweater

You can pair leggings with a long sweater at the workplace. In addition, high boots and a belt around the sweater matching with sweater will add an extra dimension to your look at the workplace.

Wearing shoes to complement the leggings

Choose the correct shoe that is complementary with the leggings. Sandals go well with leggings but aren’t welcome at workplaces. Sandals make a more casual look with leggings. Low and high black boots are a perfect pair with leggings. You can even pair leggings with close-toed shoes with a bit of a heel.


Wearing leggings mostly vary on which outlook you actually need. If it in the workplace keep it professional. If it’s in the party, you should wear a fancy outfit. However, leggings are the most comfortable clothing for everyone love. Wear correctly and keep it in your style!


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