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Fun, quirky and slightly eccentric, these alluring and latest trends in jewelry are all we could ask for and more! Transport yourself back to the era of chunky and bold jewelry because, yes, the trend has made a comeback in 2019 and will only get grander by 2020 fashion in a way like you’ve never seen before. Read on to find out more about the latest trend in jewelry this fall.

1. Heavy Hoops

A great way to frame your face and make a statement is the new and improved hooped earrings. Say goodbye to those dainty little hoops and say hello to this thickset ear wear that is just as elegant but way more amped up. A sure fire way to not go unnoticed!

2. Coloured Enamel

The color sensation that’s sweeping across the nation. 2019 is dubbed the year of colour with this unique style. No sparkly gems to boost your ensemble? We have the perfect alternative! Add colour to your jewelry without the jewels. Get out of your comfort zone with these bright hues to bring character to your lackluster wardrobe. A little colour can make all the difference.

3. Chain link chokers

Great to look at be it silver or gold, chain link chokers are all the rage. Although leather chokers were edgy to say the least, but these gold link chokers will definitely add to that edginess with a touch of elegance. These heavy chains bring about a nostalgia for the 90’s biker look wouldn’t you say? These are also a category of handmade jewelry which adds to its classic vintage appeal.

4. Spare Change

Layer your jewelry with spare change. We mean this quite literally! Spare change can now not only be found in pockets or underneath sofa cushions; you’ll also find it on rings, necklaces and any other jewelry related items you can think of. Be effortlessly classy with this new craze.

5. Lucky Charm Beaded Bracelet

Stylize your wardrobe and ward off unwanted evils with lucky charms. A classic trend that never gets old. It can also be handmade to give it that crafty vibe. One of its greatest advantages is that you can personalize it to create your own look and still keep up with the newest trend in jewelry.

6. Starry Night

Another surefire trend we hope will stick around till 2020 is starry themed jewelry. Spruce up your daily wear with this astronomical motif that is out of this world (sorry). Create a sense of wonder with your ornaments using otherworldly planets, stars or moons.

7. Floral Pendant and Earrings

Whether you want to high key frolic through gardens and fields of flowers like a woodland pixy or keep it simple with an elegant flower necklace, this trend is all about having those spring vibes. A safe way to celebrate the beauty of flowers without falling victim to the plagues of pollen allergy.

8. Body Chains

Extend the bounds of jewelry from ears, necks, wrists and hair to your whole body. This sexy new trend is the latest thing this fall featuring everything from anklets to belts and much more. Though arguably only good for wearing over swimsuits in the summer, the trend has also been stretched out to autumn and winter, with the chains meant to be worn over coats belts and what not. The more the better we always say.

9. Drip Drop Earrings

Treat your ears with something chic because yes, drip drop earrings are in and sleeker than ever. Indulge your ears with an elevated version of last year’s fashion trend because we’re not done with them yet.

10. Shells and Pearls

Get swept away by the currents of the ocean and bury yourself beneath a palace of pearls and shells with the latest furor. Nothing says graceful like a neck full of pearls. Beautify your attire with these treasures of the sea.

11. Abstract Theme

The rising tide of abstract and modern art was bound to produce abstract jewelry. Transport yourself to a whole new aesthetic with this art inspired jewelry.

12. Geometric Shapes

Being considered as a minimalistic trend you may be unaware as to the lengths you can go to here with this kind of jewelry. You can keep it simple or layer your jewelry with all kinds of different shapes to your heart’s content. Mix it up with the size of the shapes you choose. For a more daring statement you can go big, or keep it light with small pieces; whatever floats your boat.

13. Crystal Embellishments

What combines simplicity and royalty better than the raw power of crystal embellishments? With the year of all out ear ware and a fascination with dangly long earrings, it is ideal that you have a few pairs of these babies suspended from your ears. A refined choice surely.

14. Mismatched Earrings

Think out of the box and break the symmetry of design with mismatched earrings. Attract on lookers with a bizarre mix of earrings; be it odd or just a beautiful mess. The trick to this is to not overdo it with the ‘mismatch’. Find a common element between both the earrings. It could be size, colour, material, texture or something within context of one another. The point is have fun and play around with it, that’s what 2019 is about.

15. Hair Jewels

Why limit the display of jewelry? Why not extend it to your hair as well as a latest trend in jewelry? 2019 has taken hair jewelry to a whole new level. Styles that can be worn with office wear, casual wear and party wear as well. Everything from bejeweled barrettes and adorned bobby pins to headbands and bow ties are now accessible to the ladies as well. Why let all the girls have all the fun?
With the unexpectedly artsy and versatile jewelry trends of 2019 you can shoot your shot any way you want. Not ready to take a dive in just yet? Test out the waters of possibilities by dipping in a toe first. Simple or all out you can’t go wrong when following these fun trends. Though inspired by various run ways these styles can easily be adopted by your average Joe to bring out the fashionista in you.


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