The ancient Celtic people used to believe that the ghosts of the dead would come back to the earth on the night of Halloween. And people today wear different costumes and light bonfire to ward off these ghosts! Sounds dramatic? Well, forget it, just celebrate Halloween and try a male vampire make up along with a compatible costume to frighten the otherworldly spirits. Consider the few genres of vampire makeup including gothic, horror, Dracula or a simply personalized vampire look before delving into the makeup process.

Don’t forget the costume. You need to dress up in the right costume to get the desired look. Choose the right vampire look that matches your face and personality and rock the costume party, Halloween or any kind of themed get-together. A cool vampire man makeup will help you steal the show right away! Keep reading to know the basics and best practices of vampire makeup for men.

What does a vampire makeup mean for men?

The trend of vampire makeup isn’t a new thing, but it doesn’t lose the spotlight due to the continuous portrayal of vampire characters in modern art, literature, and movies. It attracts people from every all classes and ages. It requires less time and cosmetics to get a male vampire to make up. But the final output looks both cute and frightful. A man can appear as a seductive bloodsucker by following some simple steps if he is up for taking on man vampire makeup.

It doesn’t include loads of complexity. A vampire makeup for men means the depiction of just-bitten lips smeared with blood, painted on pale skin with artificial fangs, and heavy dark eyes blackened with eyeliners and mascara. If you can give these little things a uniform look, nobody will win the competition (if there’s any) “Best Makeup for Men” except you.

Don’t forget about these basics

Before making up your mind to put on vampire makeup, consider the nature and type of the occasion and party. If this sort of makeup goes fine with the party theme and the participants, then take on the role of a male vampire and surprise everyone. To do that, you have to understand the use of the makeup items and the tools that come with a vampire makeup kit. You will be able to wear a convincing vampire makeup only if you know and understand the basics of vampire makeup for men.

Knowing more than what you already know about the makeup items

We all know what is required to put on makeup. Foundation, eyeliner, mascara are a few salient items that are used almost for any makeover. Blood liners are also rising in popularity. But only knowing the makeup items wouldn’t help you get a vampire makeup. You must dig deep into the proper application of these items. One must apply the makeup items in a moderate amount to get the best look.


You must make your skin look pale to put on vampire makeup. Foundation will do that for you within a few minutes. Your skin tone is very important in this regard. Use the foundation which is at least two shades lighter or paler than your normal skin. Choose the color tone wisely. After applying the foundation, apply a loose or pressed powder to seal the deal. One can also use white face paint to achieve a pale skin. The success of the makeup depends on this paleness.


Eyes play a vital role to transform the look of a person. Most of the conventional vampire makeup involves heavy and dark eyes. You can use an eyeliner pencil or brush to create a well-defined makeup style. Smokey eyes are a significant feature of man vampire makeup. Apply charcoal, black eyeshadow or a liquid liner to the top and bottom lashes and smudge a bit around the eyes. Keep on doing this until the eyes look dark, deep and smokey.


Mascara is optional for the men. It depends on your preference. The use of mascara works best for women. If you’re searching for vampire makeup for women, mascara will come in handy for you.


Fangs are a distinctive feature of vampire characters, especially of Dracula. Without fangs, a vampire will look like a king without a crown. Apply fake fangs to the teeth using good-quality adhesives. Attach them to the mouth very carefully to protect yourself from getting hurt. Choose the right size of artificial fangs so that it fits in the gum.

Other items

Lipstick, brow liner and eyeshadows are some of the makeup items you can use effectively while getting a vampire look. Apply blood red color lipstick to your lips. Create some effect as per your choice using lipliner, brush or fingertips. One can paint blood-drop like paint to create a scary ambiance on the lips. Adjust the color, shape, and density of brow using a brow liner. Different eyeshadows can be used with eyeliner to create shimmering eyes.

What to know about a vampire makeup kit?

It’s always fun to use a certain kit appropriate for a certain task. If you have a vampire makeup kit, you don’t have to look anywhere to wear vampire makeup. There are some potent vampire makeup kits available at Amazon and other online shopping sites. A typical vampire makeup kit consists of the foundation, contour shades, eyeliner, makeup brush and applicator, stage blood/blood capsules, powder puff, vampire fangs, sponge applicators etc.

The foundation and contour come with different shades which help achieve the pale skin. Eyeliner does the job of modifying the eyes as per your need. You can use these makeup items effectively by using the makeup brush and makeup applicators. Stage blood or blood capsules help the user take a scary look. One can use lipstick too if the kit doesn’t come with such item. Vampire fangs are the most attractive component of a vampire kit. It enhances the credibility of the vampire look to a great extent. Powder puff helps the user get paler skin and one can spread this paleness to the neck by applying powder to intended spot using this powder puff.

How to prepare yourself before using a kit?

A painter needs a canvas to give birth to his creativity. Likewise, you’ll need a clear and clean skin to put vampire makeup on it. If the skin is affected by breakouts or isn’t clean enough, the makeup will look less impressing. That’s why wash and clean your face before going into a further stage. And you can apply good quality beauty care products to fight acne and pimples.

Prep the skin

the most important thing about a vampire makeup is having the pale vampire-ish skin. Without this, all the makeups will go to waste. That’s why preparing the skin is the prime prerequisite to starting vampire makeups. Wash your face and neck thoroughly to apply foundation and contour in accordance with the color tone of your skin. Make sure that the skin is ready to look lighter and pale. The application of powder can contribute to increasing this paleness.

Take other preparations

You should gather the essentials beforehand the inception of the makeup process. Make sure that you have a big enough well-lit mirror in front of you. Wear old and unimportant cloths before undergoing the making up. it will save your favorite clothes from getting stained with different makeup items as makeup often gets messy during the application process. The success of man vampire makeup significantly depends on the use of matching costumes. If the costume doesn’t complement the look, all the efforts will go in vain.

One important point to remember is to watch out for the known allergens. Some people have an allergic reaction if exposed to a certain chemical. Make sure the chemicals or ingredients you are using don’t have such allergic components.

How to use a male vampire makeup kit?

It will be easier for you to wear vampire makeup if you know how to use a vampire makeup kit. Applying foundation, painting the brows and eyes, using the powder puff, staining the lips with blood-like color are the necessary steps to applying vampire makeup for men using a vampire makeup kit. Go through the following bullet list to get a precise idea about the application of the products of such makeup kit.

  • You can use the latex sponge wedge to load it with crème foundation and apply that onto the entire face. This is the base coat, so don’t go for a thick coating. Apply carefully to achieve desired opacity.
  • Use the brush or your fingertips to apply purple color crème foundation to some selected spots such as around the nose, hollows of the forehead above the eyes, below the lips, hollows of the cheeks, the temples and any place as you see fit.
  • Apply the white foundation to create a contrasting look. Highlight the portion of the pace as you want by using sponge or fingertips as you go.
  • Use the black foundation around the eyes to create smokey eyes. You can apply this foundation to any spot of the face to deepen the shadows.
  • Use a black pencil, eyeliner, eyebrow liner, and black foundation all together to make a dramatic effect around the eyes. One can personalize the vampire eyes as he wishes.
  • Now apply lipstick or reddish foundation to the lips to add intensity to this makeover. And, use the powder puff to load powder onto it and apply it gently to the whole place to seal the makeup.
  • Now, it’s time for the final touch! Use the blood capsules/stage blood/red lipstick to paint bloodlike drops around the lips. Paint it in such a way so that the dripping of blood looks realistic. You’re ready to rock as a male vampire!


The trend of fashion and style is so unpredictable. You never know which particular makeup or costumes will go viral in the next day. Vampire makeup also has passed quite a long time as a trendy Halloween makeup. But it has added a new dimension to its utility by being used for different theme-based casual parties. People are using vampire makeups on various occasions and express their feelings through the different costumes they wear. You don’t have to wait for Halloween anymore if any occasion or party have a welcoming attitude to vampire makeup, put it on and steal the show.

Contemporary celebrities like Johnny Depp, Adam Sandler, Robert Pattinson got featured in different vampire movies respectively Dark Shadows, Hotel Transylvania, The Twilight Saga. These popular movies have helped the practice of vampire makeups and costumes remain alive. You can also get inspired by these popular movie characters and try out male vampire make up.


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