Look gorgeous with red! You may be bold enough to wear red but not perfectly done with red eye shadow may end up looking like a character from Twilight. Yes, you are right, if you are thinking about a vampire.

However, Red color can give you an eye-catching look on the runway or party. There are the many celebrities whose look with red eye shadow makes us desirous to try it.

The Looks of Red Eye Shadow

I just love these for red eye shadow look. Trying to share with you with a bit details. However, when it comes to red just not get overwhelmed…

Classy Look with the Aubergine Smoke

Classy Look with the Aubergine SmokeThis is a classic look on red eyeshadow. It incorporates darker, burgundy hues. These combinations make it more beautiful. This looksconfidently more and classier when it comes to a dramatic event or night out.

How to apply red eye shadow to create this look

  • At first, you need to use an eye shadow primer to prime the eyelid before applying eyeshadow. This will make sure everything stays in place.
  • Second, blend the red shadow on the lid with an eyeshadow crease brush. You can make look it looks a little messier than normal by getting the entire eyelid and blending outward.

For smoky eyes you need to create a bit of a “lived in” look. Wearing red eyeshadow for drama a perfect application is not always mandatory.

  • After done blending on the lid, to start creating the smoke apply a deeper eyeshadow in the crease.
  • Apply a pop of light shadow in the centre of the lid to finish. You can finish metallic if extra shine is your preference.

Red is bright but it doesn’t necessary to look always brighter. The dark smokey red with a classic combination always picks attention. However, the choice is yours.

A Soft Touch of Glam

A Soft Touch of GlamFor minimal makeup wearers,nothing can be compared with this red eyeshadow look.Give a just subtle touch of color on the eyes and make it more romantic and catchy for sure.

You can add a touch of glam to your daily beauty routine just wearing this look during the week. Even for attending a weekend event this glam up look will pick more attention to you.

How to create this glamour look

  • To create this look simply adds a light cream eyeshadow base to your eyelid. The cream is a good one to try as a base.
  • Simply blend it with your fingers to make any cream texture look sheer.Blend it all the way up to the brow bone.
  • Blend a powder shadow in the same color family all over the lid After you’ve applied the cream shadow. Use a blending brush this time. Apply it by bringing the color down underneath the bottom eye line as well.
  • Add a touch of rosy shimmer to the centre of the eyelid. Use your finger to place it lightly. Add as a line in the inner rim of the waterline to give more definition.
  • Add a touch of rosiness to the cheeks by using a cream blush on the apples of the cheeks.

you can use a multitasking product like “Mochi” and “Cerise”from Bite Beauty. You can use it to apply a sheer layer of these on the lips.You can also pick Alima Pure Pearluster Eyeshadowin “Cimarron”. However, Ilia Multi-Stick in “A Fine Romance” and Ilia Beauty Cream Eyeshadow Stick are also a good pick.

Merging Red eyeshadow with hot pink beauty

Wanna make a bold statement like Selena Gomez with red eyeshadow which she worn for the Met Gala in 2017. This eyeshadow look represents a more graphic look by merging hot pink color and red together beautifully.

How to create this eye look at home.

  • Give yourself a strong base whether with cream eyeshadow or This is the main key to this eyeshadow look.
  • Then apply the bold color to start. This will make them look stronger.
  • After the base application is complete, go with a brightly colored Apply it from the right on top by patting it down with a brush.
  • To create something unique on your own, mix tones here. You can even stick with one color to make things easier.
  • Selena wore the color extended higher to the brow.You can gauge where the color needs to stop depending on your eye shape,
  • In the bottom waterline apply a little white eyeliner. It will make the eyes appear brighter.
  • Finish the eye work with mascara. It will add length and volume.
  • Finish with a neutral lip in a soft nude and a touch of gloss for shine, and add a soft highlight to the cheeks for a subtle skin sheen that looks elegant.

Red Underlined

Red UnderlinedNot very common but it will give you a fierce look. Be bold enough to apply red as underline at the bottom rather than doing the traditional color liner on top.

How to apply at home

  • At first, start with a soft color shadow on the lid. Apply a highlight under the brow.
  • After that, you need to apply a creamy waterproof pencil under the eye.
  • Use a red eyeshadow with a wet an angled eyeliner brush.However, you can do this look with any color reyeshadow. This look is extremely versatile.
  • Use lots of mascara for drama and volume to finish off this gorgeous statement look.
  • Make sure that your eyebrows are filled. Which make it look nice and fully shaped.
  • To add warmth to the skin Contour with a light bronzer
  • For balance use a very soft and neutral lip color.

Make a fierce statement with this eye look. Without having to do much work at all you can show off your red greatly in this way.

Red and black Smokey eye

Red and black Smokey eyeTo make more modern look over a traditional black smoky, try red with black smoky. These days it has become a popular trend to mix another colour with black to look more gorgeous.

  • How to create a Red and black Smoky eye
  • At first, make the base with a primer.
  • Inside half of the eyelids, apply red eyeshadow.
  • Then bending the bright color into a black shade using a black eyeshadow on the outer half.

Fuchsia Color

Fuchsia ColorIn recent days, a social star, self-made make-up artist Patrick Ta has buzzed on the Instagram media with his make up tuning on Sophia Bush with fuchsia color make-up. You must be of bold enough to wear this makeup,However, Sophia Bush looks really bold and gorgeous with this makeup in her hot pink colorlessness. Bold but beautiful isn’t it?

Not every red eyeshadow suits everyone. It largely depends on eye color. However, here are some recommended products of best red eyeshadow for different eye color.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel EyesOur recommendation for hazel eyes is to work with a duo set like Touch In Sol’s Liquid Foil in Adelio as hazel eyes look so multi-tonal.

Green Eyes

Green EyesFor green eyes, a red tone with slightly purple bending makes eyes more flattering. So we recommend Urban Decay’s Woodstock for it.

Blue Eyes

Blue EyesThough Cool blue eyes strike itself, a red shadow with faint hints of orange makes it more playful. Our recommendation is MAC’s Coppering hue.

Brown Eyes

Brown EyesOur recommendation for brown eyes is Make Forever’s Raspberry hue or a dark red eyeshadow. It will enhance the golden tones in your eyes with its rich warm shimmer.

It’s a simple product choice for us. However, the choice is yours. You can try different products to pick the best one for you.

Some Tips from Makeup Artists

  • Use a gentle yet effective eye makeup remover while using waterproof eyeliner around the eye area or inside the waterline. To avoid any issues you need to be sure to remove it properly.
  • Always remove makeup each night before bed. It will protect your eye from irritation and further problems such as infection


You may feel somewhat scary and a bit nervous that how you gonna look on red color eye shadow. However, red eye shadow is not something easy to pull off. The eye makeup made by Patrick Ta on Sophia Bush make us feel that we should give a try at least. Be bold and look beautiful!


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