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Are you one of them who become a little nervous before a haircut? Maybe the nervousness comes from the fear of whether you are going to like the cut or not. I usually explore some of the best hairstyles for my hair before going into a hair salon.

If you are like me looking for the perfect short haircut for your thick hair, you have come in the right place. I am going to describe some of the best short hairstyles for thick hair. These styles are perfect for current fashion and trends.

Short haircuts that catch my eyes includes short shag with heavy bangs, jaw length blunt cut bob, volumized lob with bangs, the sassy spikey along with other short hairstyles. I like my beautiful volumized lob with bangs too much. It’s easy to handle and gives a classy eye-catching look. However, preference of short hairstyle varies between persons.Let’s explore the perfect short haircut for you.

Best short hairstyles for thick hair

Many different types of hairstyles are available for short thick hair. But it matters which one suits you and make you more attractive to look at.

Short Sassy Bob

The next most trendy but classic short hairstyle that will take your full attention is short bob hairstyle. It adds your face cuteness and prettiness.

  • It looks great.
  • When you style, opt for a sleek blowout. It counterbalances the volume.

You can make give short hair bob cut more fun and flirty look by making the layer shorter in the back and on the sides.

Short Shag with Heavy Bangs

This bang style paired with a short haircut will make you look more attractive. The blunt cut draws attention to your eyes while face got the main attraction.

  • This style can be used to cover the large
  • It suits best if you have a long narrow face.

However, you can do style with it by making it messier using a texture cream. The messy or undone style of this haircut will make your face centre of people attraction.

Layered Bob short haircut

The layered bob is classic but a give you’re an urban appeal. You can give your hair a deep side part and long bangs which blends in with the remainder part of the choppy cut.

  • It draws more attraction.
  • Your style in various options which will make you look outstanding.

To style, you can use some products like sea salt spray or pomades. These products must be designed for short hair. You should choose what is suitable for your hair personally.

Versatile Textured Pixie Cut

This unique haircut is a type of pixie cut. It has short sharp edges and lots of internal texture. This haircut starts shorter at the top increasing in length to the front. The sides in this are clipped at the hairline. Scissors are used for rest of the cutting to keep softness and feminine look.

  • It’s great for all face shapes.
  • A bit of length and softness on the top adds more value.

However, this cut mainly depends on how you are styling your hair. Pixie cuts look better if you style. You can use matte waxes and texture sprays because these work really well with this shape. This cut allows you to shape it in many different ways. It is so versatile.

Chic Textured Pixie-Bob

I just love this haircut. Modern women prefer this cut too much. You can style it in so many ways. Whether a smooth fashion slicked down to your head or classy businesswoman look by making it piecey or you can even make a punk look with it by giving it texture and volume.

  • It is a multidimensional shot haircut.
  • It will differently look styling every time.
  • Styling tools and products for this cut is endless.

You can have fun with tool so much versatility to this look. You can give your hair a great style just using a spray wax and a straightener. The most modern haircut love by the young women.

Thick Short Bob with Bangs

Don’t you think this soft baby lob look will catch attention? I like this haircut mostly for its styling opportunity. You don’t need too much time for styling it. However, type of hair plays the vital role for this cut. Fine hair easily adapts this haircut but when you want to give this cut on thicker hair you will need much debunking and layering.

  • Take a little time for styling.
  • Needs lower maintenance. But maybe you need to go salon frequently.

This haircut is not like severely stacked bob. Just round brushed the ends and then make a few bends using a curling iron. It will not take your valuable time but give a super cute look.

Face shape is another important factor while giving this cut. If you have an oval-shaped face with slight roundness, keep the length in front no shorter than her chin. If you have a more oblong face, you can keep it shorter. Rounder faces look good in the chin and down in the front length of hair.

Playful Auburn Wavy LOB

Auburn Wavy LOB2What about an edgy but playful look with a wavy lob as the color makes it more attractive.

You find various similar silhouettes and textured bob haircuts on blonde and brunette hair. Of course, they are great in look. But the red violet can give some extra dimension to make it more edge.

  • An extraordinary sleek and sophisticated look.
  • The texture makes it fun and much more modern.

You can give an extra sleek look by combining the texture through the ends in conjunction with the color. You can use your texturing spray for getting with the style and current trends. The benefit of using it is that it will add some instant volume with a natural and tousled finish. It also keeps your style in place without mattifying the color.

Soft Disconnected Pixie

Soft Disconnected PixieThis short haircut is a soft and versatile of a disconnected pixie. To give it a clean look clippers are better to use for the sides and backs. Artist finds more flexibility to leave lines whether blended or harsh for the top as they wanted.

  • This is a more versatile cut. You can style it in many different ways for a different
  • This haircut is simple and needs lower maintenance

Go home with a good pomade or spray wax from the salon. It will help you keep your hair in style. You can add volumizing mousse for taking a blow dry their hair. Be comfortable with your haircut. There is no hiding opportunity for a short haircut.

Textured Stacked Bob with Side Bangs

Don’t you like a trendy haircut but also easy to go? This stacked bob with side bang haircut will give you the opportunity for that. This haircut looks incredibly awesome if you have really thick hair. The beautiful showcase of this cut will attract anybody.

  • You can get good amount texture and volume.
  • If you have a perfect oval face, enjoy different styles throughout the year.
  • The softness at the front makes it look a bit be flattering for most face shapes.
  • It is one of the most suitable for the most of the lifestyles.

You can even tie it back if needed. To achieve the best look with this haircut, give a blow dry to the hair with a heat protecting spray. Use a large to medium round brush. This haircut will give you an incredible look if you make a soft wave using a curling iron.

Inverted Bob for Thick Hair

Inverted BobHow about an inverted bob for your thick hair? How do you think it going to look? For me, it is very trendy and shaped. This haircut will add volumes to your hair.

  • No need to style to look it good.
  • Great for lower maintenance lover.

If you are a pony lover and want to keep your tied back in a pony, you need to consider the length. Keep it longer which is typically known as long bob or “lob”.

This haircut looks great on all hair types including thick, fine, straight, and wavy/curly. Doing some style will give you a look that is more punkie and more fun full. With some product based on how you want to style such as volumizing products, shine products, smoothers, or defrizzes.

However, inverted bob suits to most of the face shapes. If you have a more oblong face, try some bangs.

Short asymmetrical haircuts

Nowadays this type of haircuts is very popular among the short hair teen. It gives a cute fresh look with punkie style.

Benefits of asymmetrical style?

Here is some advantage that short asymmetrical haircuts gonna give you.

  • An asymmetry is a strong tool that can match your face shape.
  • For any asymmetric detail, a short haircut will be the best background.
  • These hair haircuts easily grab everyone’s attention.

Face shapes for asymmetrical haircuts:

  • For oval faces, asymmetrical haircuts look just awesome with any type of haircuts.
  • For square and round faces, it will make your face elongating visually. As any lines on a slant make it look like.

However, this type of haircuts is for them who wants to look fresh, chic and trendy.

Best short asymmetrical haircuts

Here are the top 5 short asymmetrical haircuts with you will fall in love.

Mermaid Lovely

This is an outstanding haircut for those who have wavy hair. Short length will make it lovelier

  • This asymmetrical hairstyle gives a gorgeous hairstyle to your ocean weave hair.
  • It is bright and eye captivating.
  • Wavy hair looks wonderful with asymmetrical styles.

Bob with Undercut

This haircut inputs life to hair that feels a bit lifeless. An undercut by tapering the sides can bring more “lift” to hair.

  • This haircut gives a new life into tired hair.
  • Popular and adorable bed head look is going to be more fun.

Asymmetrical Layers

Layers make your hair look lovelier. Asymmetrical hairstyles give it another dimension.

  • This haircut feels “weighty.”
  • It looks more gorgeous with a solid color. The slightly darker shade on the bottom portion near the nape of the neck. Makes it more worthy.

Going, Gray

This year young women began to love the grey color for the hairstyle. the asymmetricalcut makes it more in showing off.

  • For round faces try it with long front and side bangs. This will work effectively
  • The grey stimulates the bursts of bright colors that will bring forth the stunning final effect.

Feeling Blue

the asymmetrical haircut makes it more for you to show off. You can color just one side that will make more show off. Lack of symmetry will attract the audience.

  • There is a lot of fun picking a color that you can choose which is suitable for your
  • Gets the sleek definition out of this style using a flat iron for particularly thick or curled hair.

Top 5 Mandy Moore short haircut

Mandy Moore is the popular name when thinking of fearless and new hairstyles.

With practically all possible lengths, dos and hair hues, she has continuously surprised her fans. She makes haircuts that looks more feminine and romantic, glamorous and classy. She knows how to make you look more, bold and daring. Of all magic, I have collected top 5 Mandy Moore hairstyle for short hair. Mandy looks very young and cheeky with short hair.

In this simple short haircut, Mandy parted hair in a zigzag with enhancement of messy finishing. Current trends are currently in the mainstream. To make the look more and more enlighten try golden highlights with this style.

Flirty Short Jagged

Flirty Short JaggedMandy used a razor to make the fine side and back layering of this haircut. She completes this haircut with a wet flirty finish. You can have some thin side bang that will give you more playful look.

Casual Mussy Short haircut

Casual Mussy Short haircutThis haircut and style make Mandy look more daring. She makes a with a bob and longer layered haircuts but short pixie style is more flattering for her.

Formal and Elegant Curly

Mandy looks more charming in this style though this makes her somewhat soften.This style is a chin-length bob with a weave, side parting and long asymmetric bangs.

Short Graded Universal

Short Graded UniversalThis style makes the illusion of thicker hair throughout layering to the length. Try it like her by a bit of teasing at the roots and deep medium-brown hue with subtle highlights. This makes her more confident.

Short haircuts make you more young and playful. It turns all attraction to your face. Whether you want to be more punkie or someone like regular officials short haircuts make it possible for. Pick the style that suits you and has fun with your style.


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